Cellulite, exception or rule?


First of all, cellulite, also known as orange peel or cottage cheese skin, is not a disease. Although it might seem unnatural, it is a fact that about 87 to 92% of women worldwide suffer from this condition. The opposite sex is also affected, albeit not as widespread as with women. hr.strongmagnet.eu

It is important not to mistake cellulite for cellulitis, which is an infection in the deep tissue of the skin and is a much more serious condition compared to cellulite. Find out more about cellulitis on Wikipedia. http://pt.strongmagnet.eu/

Cellulite occurs mostly on the middle part of the body. Affected are primarily the upper thighs, buttocks and sometimes the lower stomach. It is in these regions that women store more fat, causing the dimples. http://si.strongmagnet.eu/

When experiencing cellulite, a buildup of toxic waste and small bits of fat push against the connective tissue beneath your skin. Everybody normally has a thin layer of fat underneath our skin, but in the case of cellulite this fat is distributed in a rather irregular way, causing the surface of the skin to dimple. Sometimes it is hardly visible, unless you pinch the skin together. However in the case of pinching, it is officially not called cellulite. http://microneedle.pl/

There’s really not much more that can be said about cellulite without getting medical and using fancy medical lingo, therefore I’ll leave it at this for now. In the next article I will treat the causes of cellulite.

Introducing Cellulite Blog

As this is my first post on this brand new website, I want to give you a short introduction about our mission, and a preview of the things to come on this website. I will start by summing it up: The cellulite blog will attend to everything concerning cellulite to help you cope with this condition. There is already lots of information about cellulite to be found on the internet. The problem with this information is that it is spread around in such a fashion, that it is very hard to make sense of it all. As this is a popular topic among women, we want to offer a central point of access to information about the cellulite condition. This includes articles and videos about prevention, treatment, causes, diets, exercises, etc.

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